Rain harvesting shelter

We were very lucky to have Russell Smith Farms fill the pond from their bore hole. This is great because it meant the water didn’t have the added chlorine (bad for amphibians) and high phosphate and nitrates (bad for excess weed growth) that is in tap water. The rain shelter will effectively increase the catchment area of the pond and replace much of the water lost through evaporation. This shelter will double as a community facility, and will be a great location for events, with a prime view of the pond, when folks want to keep out of the sun or rain.

Russell Smith Farms have kindly said they will top up again if and when necessary.

Here is the pond when we topped up last June, you can see their pipe on the right. We asked them to overflow it so we could saturate the swale, an area lined with a semi-permeable layer. We have since added organic matter to increase its ability to retain the water, we are sowing wetland meadow mix March this year (2021).