How I Work

If you are interested in having me design your garden, this is what to expect:

step one: the first meeting
You tell me what you want, I show you how I can help with examples from my portfolio. This will give you some indication of cost before entering into the process.

step two: the consultation and questionnaire
I go through specifics regarding what you need from your garden, what you want and the style you prefer.

step three: the brief and estimates
I send you the brief and estimates.
The brief: I write a report summarising the questionnaire and our meeting – this becomes our working brief, which makes it clear what you want me to do. It is my job to fulfil the brief.
The estimate: my estimate of cost to design.
The contract: I use a very simple contract that relates to the brief and the cost to design – contracts are there to protect everyone.

step four: the survey
I (or land surveyors) will come and measure your garden.
Survey: this is an essential part of the process. I carry out simple surveys for smaller gardens but we will recommend a land surveyor to carry out surveys on larger, more complicated gardens.

step five: the design and planting concept
I will present to you the design and planting concept. 

Depending on your earlier choice you will have either a 2D plan of the concept design or a 3D model presented as an animation. Both, and the planting concept are accompanied by a montage of photos taken from the web or books to help communicate the idea. You are free to suggest changes at this stage and I will not charge for minor amendments.

step six: the master plan and planting plan
I will present to you the master plan and planting plan. The master plan is the final drawing with all the details and amendments. It is the drawing necessary for a contractor to work from and to quote from. The planting plan is a detailed list of plants with their location in the garden.

step seven: the landscaping quote
You will receive the landscaping quote. I have a network of trusted contractors and craftsmen. My preference is to project manage my gardens all the way through the process, but this is up to you. We agree at the beginning how much or little you wish to be involved and this is reflected in the contract.

step eight: the build
The team arrive in your garden and the transformation begins.