Why Design?

design-oak-pergolaA well designed garden must look great, but its purpose is to serve your lifestyle
If you really enjoy your garden, the chances are you have the basic elements in the right places: a spot in the sun for your morning coffee; a place to seek shade in the heat of the day; a terrace to catch the evening sun, and if you’re lucky, a secluded spot where no one knows you are there.

If you feel your garden could serve you better, a design is what you need
Building a new garden or even just a new patio costs in labour, expertise and materials. Without a design you may end up spending a lot of money building something that simply doesn’t work for you.



How much does a new garden cost?
Creating a new garden is a bit like buying a new kitchen, the price can vary enormously depending on the components you want and the materials you choose.

I can be independent of the vast range in cost because I am offering something else: a plan
My job is to organise space so the garden feels and looks good when you’re using it, the garden must be practical as well as beautiful. I can do this by the careful positioning of components and by introducing shapes that balance and flow. These plans can be realised in anything from reclaimed concrete slabs and gravel to the finest limestone and stainless steel. It is up to you. also see section “How I Work and Fees”