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I am currently working with
Richard Arnott
Dominic Walsh
Pete Wrapson

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A Vegetable Garden for a Health Spa and Retreat
Retreat East

March 31st 2017 the earth is prepared –
it is a little cheeky to say this is a collaboration since my part is done, but I am interested to follow this.

Apparently the rotavating was harrowing.

Dom has completed the beds. We wait to see what Pete produces for the tables of Retreat East

February 2017 the plan and mark out
I am very happy to have the opportunity to work with my old friend Pete Wrapson on the layout of an organic kitchen garden at Retreat East. Pete is a man of many talents but his passion is vegetables and food. He ended up working with Jamie Oliver for 8 years growing the vegetables and liaising with chefs for his famous restaurants. He now works freelance but at the moment has no need for a website – you are free to ask him through me to make you a bespoke vegetable growing schedule of the best tried and tested varieties and methods! I will post more details of this service at a later stage.
This is simply the layout, for which I chose a classical design using the proportions of the golden ratio (why not!). We marked it out like a crime scene on a misty February morning. On an offshoot of these collaborations Dom is now building the beds for Pete on this job. It is exciting to think how by summer, from this bleak stony patch, as if by magic, there will be food produced…. not just ordinary food either…..


Richard Arnott Design and Build

Work is coming in thick and fast with Richard Arnott. We are currently working on on 6 gardens together. Richard’s strengths are a vast overall experience in the trade through running his own businesses for 20 years. Unlike most landscapers he really knows his plants and has a talent for putting things together quickly and efficiently. He is also a designer but the surplus of work means I am kept very busy. Incidentally, and most importantly he is one of the most straight and decent folks you could work with.

Here is The design detailing drawing for the Sketchup model below.

Wildlife garden in a new housing development

I am also working with Dominic Walsh on a new build in Trumpington. Dom is another very decent and great-to-work-with landscaper, who is experienced, and very capable. But for me it is his knowledge and feel for wildlife planting that I covet! This is our first collaboration on a wildlife garden in a sea of bricks, concrete and tarmac. It may take some time to entice the wildlife down the wildlife “corridor” that is the guided bus route but I remain positive.