Brewery Field Green Space

In 2010 Duxford Parish council purchased a 1.67 hectare of agricultural land (known as Brewery field) to give their parishioners the green space they needed. In 2017 it was decided the land would be developed as a nature recreation ground.

Above is an image from the model I created of the proposed design. There have been many laborious Planning applications, mostly pushed through by the heroic Gillian Heath who is driving this whole effort. Below is the latest plan, including a few small changes from the one you may have seen before.

The build is done, trees planted, and this year we are planting up the nectar garden and sowing the dry meadow, the wet meadow and the mound.

The websites listed below all contain information about this project. My site may have more on the design and the ecology, while the others may be more about the general progress of the project.
Friends of Duxford Green Spaces
Duxford Parish Council
and if you are on Facebook, you’ll find good current information here

This is where we are starting

All the drawings in this Brewery field section are adapted for the web so will not have all the detail on them, and will not be to scale. Please feel free to ask if you want to look at the originals.